About Me

My childhood passion was for growing and drawing plants. I grew up in a nursery and my first career was in gardening, now a part time job. On discovering the pleasure of using clay at evening class, I joined the BA honours course in ceramics at Cardiff school of Art and Design UWIC. Since graduating in 2009 I worked in a shared Ceramic Studio in Cardiff and now I live and work in Monmouthshire.

In my work so far I have explored effects of shape and pattern, silhouettes and shadows and contrasts of abstract and natural forms. My present range is of simple vases, ranging in size from 3cm to 20cm. These are inspired by  flowers in the hedgerow and the countryside, where I sketch out my designs and later intricately hand carve the pots.

In one firing batch the glaze ran, forming drips or irregularly spaced feet at the pots bases. I loved the effect and, after much experimentation, now purposely create the drips hence the ‘serendripity range’.

I throw my work in porcelain, and turn the bases. When the clay is ‘leather hard’ I carve in the plant designs, which is a time consuming process. Each piece is unique, no design being exactly the same. I make up translucent glazes, with a combination of glaze stains in grey, green and blue, creating subtle hues that enhance the carving.